School of Community Health Sciences Alumna of the Year

Holly Lyman
’14 MPH Public Health

Video: About Holly Lyman

Ms. Lyman is currently the Director of the Barbara Greenspun WomensCare Center of Excellence and Community Outreach. In the health field for 25 years, Ms. Lyman has designed and implemented numerous prevention, screening and disease management programs to help hundreds of thousands of Southern Nevadans. She also oversees nine community outreach departments receiving $2.1 million in grant funding.

Why I’m a proud graduate of UNLV …
The UNLV Masters in Public Health (MPH) program helped me find my calling in public health and gave me the skills to do the work I love. This gave me the opportunity to serve this community through Dignity Health’s healing ministry. I enjoy a dream job, especially since I get to work with our Adrian Dominican Sisters who have dedicated their lives to serving others.

I absolutely loved the MPH program at UNLV, had some amazing professors, networked with fellow students and currently collaborate with UNLV on grants and programs. As a part of my current role, I host 5-10 UNLV student interns from nutrition and Health Care Administration each year. It is such a privilege mentoring these students to help them find their “callings” in healthcare.

My husband transferred to Las Vegas almost 30 years ago and we came here “for a year” and never left. We raised two children in this community and now my daughter is a student at UNLV!

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